IP credit is a licensed money lender, serves as a popular and trusted regulated lending outfit in Singapore, providing loans of various volumes to clients in Singapore, island-wide. We are one of the several money lenders to be approved by IPTO (the Registry of Moneylenders) coupled with the goal to help borrowers in need with their monetary issues. IP Credit offers a suite of financial solutions to Singaporeans and foreigners alike. Not only are we quick at disbursing loans, we also practice utmost responsibility when it comes to educating our clients on the loan process and exactly what it undertakes, so that every client stays well educated about the loan product they are receiving. As a general guide, IP Credit offers Personal Loans, Small Business Loans, Loans for foreigners and Short term loans to tide through the month.

Our borrowers do not comprise a certain clientele, in fact, they stem from different backgrounds and professions. We take each client’s respect and privacy with top priority and care, and do not discriminate based on your profile or demographic. For many clients, IP Credit is a gem in a heap of coal. We have relieved clients successfully of financial stress and burden. Make the right choice and engage us today for a loan!

IP credit believes in doing our part to keep the borrowing community at bay and in good health. We do regular credit checks and background checks as a precaution to help borrowers stay responsible in their hunt for loans. At IP, service goes a long way, further than a smile. We participate in seminars organised by IPTO and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to ensure that we are kept abreast of all regulations related to money lending. Your consolation as a borrower is that IP credit takes lending and borrowing alike very seriously. As we are not a fly by night business, we treasure your loyal support and do our best to retain you as a client, this means putting your happiness at the peak.

Why Choose Us ?

All of our objective is always to deliver our customers with all the money they require once they Facing an Issues. If you’re frustrated by waiting around for a months on your loan approval to come back through, then we are the suitable company for yourself. All you need to do is just fill the loan form in right side of this website ,Click submit and look forward to approval of your loan. You’ll receive a reply quickly.

We at IP credit Pte Ltd ,recognize the concerns that lots of our clients have concerning the safety with their personal information. You don’t need to bother about by using us. We are going to make sure that all your information stays safe along with us. And we don’t share or reveal any information without any reason.We are also listed in the Approved Moneylender Directory

Five Important reasons for selecting Loan Companies:

Among various reasons,there are five main purposes are given below with full explanations for helping you to determine a money lender at the peak period.

  1. Committed to run a house with credulity: 

Money lending companies or individual lenders, no matter from where you are taking out a loan, your lender will be completely trusted if the business is following all the lawful rules. If you get such a loyal authority, there would definitely be no difficulties that may harm you. Singapore money lender‘s are highly committed and loyal and they genuinely maintain every legal boundary.

2. Varieties of packages :

IP credit Singapore offers a different kinds of packages regarding loans. People want money for various personal as well as professional causes and the lender always try to meet their demands by providing them different packages or offers to fulfill their monetary need.

3. Instant work:

Sometimes, people are seen in requisite of money urgently due to some worse reasons like accidents, business failure and more on. Reputed Singapore lending authorities are always available in those cases also. If you are to get your rupees instantly, they will make it happen following some simple steps. So, emergency cash is also made-to-order by such firms.

4. Get answers to all your queries:

Singapore money lending companies always maintain a good relationship with their customers and they are always bound to be answerable to you. You can ask them every sort of question which you want to get an answer of and they will surely help you by providing all kinds of details as much as possible. Thus, holding their friendly hands you can determine when to go for a loan and how much the amount would be.

5. Easy search:

Nowadays, it’s not at all difficult to avail a money lending firm in Singapore as all the significant details are proffered on the Internet and mostly on the personal sites of those authorities and hence, people don’t have to bother much and can easily get connected with them. Even, transactions can also be done through online mode that make your dealings easier and earlier too as you don’t have to surpass a long queue or face any troublesome situation.
So, these are the main reasons those can push you for getting a loan from loan Shark of Singapore. Stop unnecessarily worrying and fetch the greatest support at the right time.

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